Friday, 26 February 2016

Coffee Morning!

Coffee Morning!

I've been so busy recently with studying, training sessions and work, that I felt a much needed coffee morning was in order to de-stress. It was a lovely morning today, so without much deliberation, my study books went down and I went out! My mother and myself, walked to a local pub, The King's Arms. This doubles as a restaurant and hotel, whilst also serving breakfast and morning coffee's. The atmosphere in there was lovely for 11am, with many other locals drinking coffee and chatting, with low music in the background. We were served instantly by a friendly waitress who was smiley and couldn't have done enough to make the morning pleasurable. There was a little fire going in the corner and the whole atmosphere was cosy and traditional, whilst having a modern vibe to it.

After this, I visited one of my favourite shabby-chic shops, which I was devastated to hear is going to close down shortly and may not re-open. Ever since this shop opened in my town, I have loved going in and browsing all the gorgeous furniture, nick-knacks, jewellery and art work that cover the shop and garden area. It is perfect if you are looking for a vintage gift for someone special, that you want to be unique and beautiful. This shop will not disappoint!

Love, Hannah

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