Saturday, 13 February 2016



This is the first time I've had chance to sit down all week and really focus on my university studies, and updating my blog. As many of you will notice, I have completely changed my blog design, fonts and layout, which I feel was much needed! As well as this, I felt it would be good to fill you in on my adventures this week because as the title suggests, I've been hard at work!


My week began with a fairly stressful activity, first thing on Monday morning; A DRIVING LESSON. Many of you who have learnt to drive/ are learning as we speak, will understand the pressure of them and how stressful they can be. I've been taking my driving lessons for one year, and this week was extra stressful due to the amount of lessons I had before my approaching test next week. It went well however, with minimal screw ups on my parallel park, reverse around the corner, turn in the road and bay park. My Monday then continued with focusing on my next university chapter, The Art of Benin! Luckily, this I found interesting so it was less of a chore than previous chapters!


Tuesday was my quietest day of the week and a chance to really sit and focus on my university studies, which recently have been taking a backseat to other priorities such as work, driving and socialising (Sorry OU!!). The luckiest thing about being a member of The Open University is.. I GET TO DO WORK IN BED. Tuesday I spend the entire day, up until early evening battling my way through Benin. Successfully, I managed to complete over half the chapter in two days - A new record for me!


Wednesday, again, began with another gruelling driving lesson at 9:15am. Way too early for my liking! I'm more of an 11am girl. After another surprising good lesson, it was time for a long catch up with one of my oldest friends. We had lots of laughter and gossiped for well over an hour, which was definitely some well needed relaxation time away from other pressures. Ater this unfortunately finished, it was back to the books! I spent another two hours making my way through the chapter and climbed in bed exhausted.


Another morning driving lesson occurred, followed by going into work to get things done before the weekend. After spending several hours working hard, I dragged myself home and completed the rest of the Benin chapter for university and began on my first chapter of my new course, which I picked up on January 30th. Having been a part-time student on one module since October 2015, it has been a big jump to a full-time student in January, moving onto two modules alongside each other. Unfortunately, I have zero motivation for my first chapter in the second module I picked up, as its a complete snooze-fest. I'm hoping it wil become more enjoyable!


Friday was a lovely quiet day, starting with a fantastic lie-in and brilliant hot shower. I got dressed, packed my handbag and met my mum for coffee in a small local café. There we discussed books (my favourite thing!) and general other topics of conversations that popped up. This then followed with more university study, attempting to complete my chapter before deadline day on Saturday. Also, I receieved my mark back for my 4th Assignment and achieved a 76!! Considering the pass mark is 40, which I was well over, I'm very pleased with how I completed my assignment and want to move forward to achieve an even better grade. I finished my busy week with a Yoga session just before bed, ensuring a perfect night sleep!

I hope you have all had an enjoyable and productive week.

Love, Hannah

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