Wednesday, 17 February 2016


The Most Important Thing

Having seen many posts from other bloggers on "January favourites", I thought for February I would write a post on not only my favourite thing for January, but the thing that has been my favourite for the past six-years. This isn't a piece of clothing from a brand's "NEW IN" collection. This isn't the latest make-up product or Netflix series sweeping the country. This is a living, breathing, feisty, stubborn little girl who has taken up the biggest place in my heart since day one, over six-years ago.

Anybody who owns a dog will understand the complete joy they bring; greeting you with wagging tails and smiley faces when you walk in, having only left them an hour ago. Seeing their little faces first thing in the morning waking you up. Playing fetch after a long day, and seeing the joyon your dog's face, making you realise it really is the simple things that can bring you the most happiness. Having your dog cuddle into your lap because they trust you to keep them safe. Watching your dog dream and seeing them twitch, shake and shiver in their sleep. The way the fur behind their ears stay puppy silky soft. When they bring you all their toys, one at a time, thinking they are making you happy. Watching them pick through all their toys for the one they specifically want. When they look behind during a walk, just to check you are still there. When they smell of sleep just after waking up, and they become so delicate, rather than the rough-and-tumble puppy you had only an hour previously when playing. When they stroke your leg with their paw, when they want attention.

It is the most rewarding experience of my
life, looking after my puppy, watching her grow and learn new things. She is way more important to me than a piece of make up.

Love, Hannah

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