Friday, 5 February 2016

January Tumblr Favourites!


I adore Tumblr. Simple as that. I spend hours per day re-blogging and commenting on posts, which creative people have beautiful taken to inspire all of us. This has obviously amounted to masses of posts per month, and I wanted to share the few I felt most inspiring and beautiful through January. So, here are my January favourites. I hope you find them as beautiful as I do.

This quote really stood out to me as it has many meaning behind it, unseen from the outset. Some people think money is the only thing that can cause happiness and make them rich. However, being rich isn't about how much money someone has. Being rich to me, is having my friends and family there whenever I need them. It's having their support, love and sense of pride about myself and what I'm achieving. That's what being rich is. Not what you have physically. But what you have emotionally.
I don't think there is anything to be said about this photography. I love the vibrant pink colours, the white of the box as a background. I find this photo so pretty and delicious!
I found this photograph incredibly strange but amazing. It shows nature, and the true beauty of what it offers us. And that's something that cannot be ignored.
This photography I found gorgeous. It sums up everything I would like my work desk to be - beautiful, creative, inspiring. The little sketches show a creative mind at work, drawing and pencilling their thoughts as they arrive, pinning them up to remind themselves of that day, that time, and that thought.

I loved this photograph as I found it seriously pretty, and traditional. I adore girly tops like this which are super feminine and lacy. Combined with the cute little necklace, this is the ultimate feminine look.

I love mini sketches such as these, and I wish I had the artistic ability to manage these myself. Instead, I blog them 24/7 and brainwash myself with pretty images!
There is nothing more beautiful and simple than letters. I feel many of us lead lives that are too busy, too technically involved. We all need to step back every so often and reflect. I think letters are the perfect way to do this. Whether you write a letter to yourself in a journal to remember a certain event or emotional, or whether its a letter to somebody special, I think the process of writing and reading letters should never be taken for granted.

Anyone who knows me, knows I love golden, brown, metallic colours such as this. I love the shin and vibrancy of this eye shadow!
I think this tea set is just so beautiful. As simple as that.

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